Thursday, 12 May 2011


You don't have to smell to save the planet

By Nick St Clair for 

     Wake up, kill the alarm, slide out of bed and hit the shower. For millions of people across the country showering is a daily ritual that is almost as important to our early morning preparations as getting dressed itself.
     But is it really necessary? After all, do we really get that dirty when all we've done is sleep for 8 hours tucked up in a presumably clean bed? The truth is for most people it’s more of a ritual than a cleansing exercise, but as a direct result every day millions of gallons of fresh, clean water is flushed away. Water that billions of people across the world would happily drink. Or rather they would, if it wasn’t for the staggering amount of chemical pollutants that we unleash on ourselves every time we shower and bathe. Wash hair, condition hair, lather up with shower gel, then wash it all off using even greater quantities of water.
     To add to this chemical arsenal, we then spray on deodorants, perfumes and aftershaves before walking out onto the street surrounded by our own personal cosmetic cloud. It will come as no surprise to learn that the international market for soaps and toiletries is worth billions of dollars every year. The industry spends a small fortune fueling our belief that if we don’t invest huge amounts of our hard earned money on its products - we are ugly and we smell...

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